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2021 West Rusk Counseling Staff

Lindsey Moore, Sharon Keith, Amanda Kirkendoll, and Wendy Jackson
West Rusk School Counseling Plan

Sharon Keith - Elementary Counselor

Amanda Kirkendoll - Intermediate Counselor

Wendy Jackson - Junior High Counselor
Virtual Counselor

Lindsey Moore - High School Counselor

Mission Statement:

The mission of the West Rusk school counseling program is to provide support and guidance to all students as a means to foster academic success, postsecondary and career preparation, and personal/social development.

A primary responsibility of a school counselor is to work with students to enhance their character, abilities, decisions, personal health, thought processes, and decision-making skills through identified and measurable competency indicators.

****Feel free anytime to call any office and set up an appointment if you would like to talk about your child’s progress or if you need our help.