New London School Tragedy

Community Remembered New London Disaster

87th Reunion was held Saturday March 16, 2024

West Rusk High School auditorium at 1:30 pm on Saturday, March 16th.
Following the memorial service there was a gathering on the island around the cenotaph for the playing of TAPS at 3:17 pm.

March 18, 1937, New London, TX

This page is dedicated to the visitors who will make the journey to New London for reunions, fellowship and healing. As we continue to teach, inspire and educate citizens in this small rural community, we as teachers and employees of the WRCCISD work to keep the rich history of this community alive.

Links of Interest

New London Texas School Explosion Museum Web Site

85th Reunion was held Saturday March 19, 2022
10:00 in the west Rusk High School Auditorium
Speaker Bruce F. Buckhorn PhD, AA
Class Reunion Quartet did perform.

80th Reunion was commemorated Saturday, March 18, 2017.
10:00 a.m. in the West Rusk High School Auditorium
Speaker Bryan Hughes, State Senator
Peacock Sisters, Music and Recessional Bob Tramel

75th Anniversary of the London School Explosion
was commemorated Sunday, 18th of March, 2012
2:00 in the West Rusk High School Auditorium
Eric Holleyman, PhD. Guest Speaker
Don Shannon, Pipe Major, Guest Musician


New London Monument

Poem By Debbie Kitchings
From her book: Somewhere Down the Road

London School Explosion

It was in a small town in Texas in March 1937,
When a school full of children went to Heaven.
It was almost time for the school day to end,
The children were making plans with a friend.

They never knew the bell wouldn't ring that day,
The buses wouldn't run and they would never play.
That afternoon the children would have no fun,
The children's homework would never be done.

There was a gas leak but no one could tell,
No one had thought about making gas smell.
A flick of a simple light switch was all it took,
And the whole school building crumbled and shook.

The building come down upon them all,
On teachers and children it did fall.
Our dear children were crushed by debris,
Everyone offered their services free.

Men brought trucks to take those they had found,
To all of the hospitals in towns all around.
They dug and they worked and they cried at the scene,
For a generation of children that would never be seen.

A whole generation lost to the small town,
Lives lost forever because a school fell down.
The people gathered together to mourn and to weep,
To find memories in the rubble that they could keep.

A memorial was set up in the middle of the street,
Dedicated to the lost lives and the children so sweet.
Once again the school is filled with children and laughter,
But those dear children will live in our hearts forever after.